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Green Tourism

Here in the beautiful Ribble Valley, we are fortunate to live in one of the most stunning and remarkable areas of England. This is our privilege and we do our best to look after this precious gift. We are committed to make Shreyas Cottages as environmentally friendly as possible.

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment we have been assessed under the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS). The GTBS is a national sustainable tourism certification scheme which has rigorous set of environmental impact and sustainable criteria. Some of the steps we have taken and are taking in our quest towards carbon neutrality are detailed below:

  • All our cottages have efficient self condensing boilers, thermal insulation which complies with the latest building regulations for energy efficiency, double-glazing, and water conserving cisterns.

  • We use an underground water attenuation system which allows us to recycle rainwater and helps to avoid flooding in the local area. Any stored water is used for watering plants and for other non-potable uses. 

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products that do not contain phosphate are used in all our cottages. All our linen is laundered on site using eco products.

  • We ask our guests to help us by recycling paper, glass, cans and cardboard using the bins provided. Other recycling opportunities are explored as they arise.

  • Recycled paper is used in the office and for toilet rolls, tissues and kitchen towels. Email is used to communicate where possible to reduce paper consumption and freight costs.

  • Most of the appliances in the cottages are A – Rated to minimize energy consumption. The majority of light bulbs used are energy efficient. 

  • Outdoor lighting is on movement and dusk to dawn sensors.

  • Our energy and water consumption are monitored to identify opportunities to reduce consumption. Energy tariffs are reviewed on a regular basis.  We have made an eco-friendly choice by using solar panels.

We can all reduce our impact on the environment by making choices. As a visitor, you can play a very important role in conserving our natural assets and helping The Ribble Valley become a more sustainable destination.

How to help the environment during your stay at Shreyas Holiday Cottages:


Switch off lights and electrical appliances when not in use.


Use public transport, cycle or walk to local areas, full details can be found in the holiday booklet.


Close all windows and doors when the underfloor heating has been put on.


Use the provided recycling bins located outside each property and empty these regularly.


Please avoid excessive use of water, boots for instance can be cleaned using the rain water tap.


We welcome any ideas and ways our guests think we can improve our effiency.


We'd love to hear from you.

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